2015 Enero Zapatista Events

enerozapatistacalendar2015JAN 2  Enero Zapatista 2015 Opening: Join us for the first event of Enero Zapatista 2015 hosted by MEChA at Lincoln High School! The event features 5 short films about local and global struggles that intersect. A discussion will follow the films and there will be free food. Black Box Theater @ Lincoln High School. 4777 Imperial Ave, San Diego, CA 92113

JAN 10 Black & Pink: Film screening of Cruel & Unusual: Transgender Women in Prison and discussion on Black & Pink’s stance on prison abolition and what that means in our communities. Activist Center- 4246 Whitman Ave at 7pm.

JAN 11 Mujeres en Resistencia: What is the relationship between social justice and love? We will convene a space for self-identified womyn of color to dialogue closely around love, relationships, politics, and the power dynamics among all. Join us! Arte con Safos Gallery (inside Bread & Salt).1955 Julian Ave, San Diego 92113. 12:00-3pm

JAN 16 Party for Socialism & Liberation and KmB San Diego: Film Screening and discussion about The Golf War. A story about the peasant struggle in the Philippines. Pillars of Community Outreach Center, 6431 Imperial Avenue, San Diego 92114

JAN 22 Association of Raza Educators: ARE will have a guest speaker to present a Political Education piece on the Decolonization of Education. Jacobs Center Room 347 303 Euclid Ave, San Diego 92114 at 6pm

JAN 23 San Diego Indymedia: A screening of the independent film Greening the Revolution, about the profit-centered food system waging a war on the world’s poor and the resistance of farmers and workers, will be followed by a discussion of the roles of land and independent media in creating revolutionary change. See the film trailer here: http://vimeo.com/97368178. Metate Infoshop- Harvey Milk Street, between Centre and Normal, look for the red lights! 7:00p

JAN 24 Colectivo Zapatista & Palestinian Youth Movement San Diego: We invite community to participate in a run/walk event to highlight the injustices happening at imperialist, colonial borders that function to steal our indigenous lands and divide our communities. Larsen Field, 4100 Camino de la Plaza, San Ysidro, CA 92173 at 9:30am.

JAN 24 Peace and Dignity Journeys: This event will combine ceremony, music, dance, a film, stories from runners from past journeys and elders, and food in an event celebrating Peace and Dignity Journeys, an indigenous run spanning the continent, and honoring the land we are on. World Beat Center. 2100 Park Blvd, San Diego 92101 3:00-6:00pm

JAN 26 Unión del Barrio: Reading and discussion on the Condor Literary Magazine on the question of imperialism throughout Latin America. Centro Aztlán Marco Anguiano, 2078 Logan Ave. San Diego, 92113  6:00pm

JAN 30 Association of Chicana Activists: Come and join A.Ch.A. in a dialogue about the different challenges and struggles that womyn face when immigrating to the U.S.  We will be screening a film and will be having different activities throughout the event. Location and Time are TBD. Please see the Enero Zapatista site for more details.

JAN 31 MAAC Community Charter School: We will be hosting the Enero Zapatista Youth Encuentro including workshops led by local and out-of-town facilitators on a diverse range of topics relating to self-determination. There will also be food and entertainment! MAAC Community Charter School, 1385 Third Ave, San Diego 91911

JAN 31 Enero Zapatista 2015 Closing: This is the last event of Enero Zapatista 2015. There will be Art, Food, Vendors, and Performances and more! The lineup will be announced soon! Come join us for this celebration. Centro Cultural de la Raza 2004 Park Blvd 92101 from 6:00p-11:00p.

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Participating groups & organizations

Association of Chicana Activists (AChA) is a womyn empowerment organization founded in SDSU that promotes higher education focusing on young womyn of color and social justice. Contact info: sdsuacha at gmail dot com

Association of Raza Educators: Our organization focuses on educational issues in San Diego. We attempt to ensure education is used as a tool to help with the liberation of our people in San Diego, and across California. Contact info: aresandiego94 at gmail dot com

Black & Pink is an open family of LGBTQ prisoners and “free world” allies who support each other. Our work toward the abolition of the prison industrial complex is rooted in the experience of currently and formerly incarcerated people. We are outraged by the specific violence of the prison industrial complex against LGBTQ people, and respond through advocacy, education, direct service, and organizing. Contact info: sandiego at blackandpink dot org

Colectivo Zapatista is a community organization made up of students, youth, workers and parents who work towards collectivism, self-sufficiency, self-determination and co-powerment. Contact information: colectivozapatistainfo at gmail dot com

KmB Pro Peaople Youth San Diego is a comprehensive grassroots organization dedicated to educating, organizing and mobilizing for the rights and welfare of Filipino youth in the United States. Through collective leadership, progressive culture and community engagement, we strive to reclaim and re-root to the true history of the Filipino people to better understand how our local and personal issues are interconnected with the struggles of our people in our Philippine homeland. We support the struggle for justice, peace and genuine liberation of the Filipino people. We believe in developing and strengthening our partnerships with our allies in the community to advance the empowerment of the youth and community to create systemic change. Contact info: sdpropeopleyouth at gmail dot com

MEChA at Lincoln HS: Lincoln MEChA is not your typical high school MEChA. Instead of being just a “club”, it is a student organization that stays true to its historical roots of activism and organizing. El Movimiento Estudiantil Chican@ de Aztlan de Lincoln High School focuses on education and liberation of our communities!

MAAC Community Charter School (MCCS) has spent the past 13 years attempting to meet the needs of “at-promise” students who have been marginalized or pushed out of traditional high schools. MCCS uses critical pedagogy, the arts, restorative justice and multiple youth development opportunities to engage non-traditional learners and support them in taking ownership of their educational path. Contact info: kweinberg at maacproject dot org

Mujeres en Resistencia is an autonomous group of Xicana & Mexicana womyn formed in March 2007. Rooted in traditional Mexican dance styles, our zapateado rebelde is inspired by feminist and Zapatista movements. We dance to ritmos conscientes to connect struggles and strengthen community. Our protesta echoes the sounds of a people’s resistance against systems of oppression. Contact information: mujeresenresistencia.sd at gmail dot com

Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM) is a transnational, independent, grassroots movement of young Palestinians in Palestine and in exile worldwide as a result of the ongoing colonization of our homeland.  PYM assumes a joint-struggle framework and works to cultivate local Palestinian and Arab youth while engaging in cross-movement building.  We work to make connections between our struggle for liberation transnationally by centering the most marginalized and oppressed communities locally. Contact info: pym.sandiego at gmail dot com

Party for Socialism and Liberation is a working-class party of leaders and activists from many different struggles, founded to promote the movement for revolutionary change. The Party for Socialism and Liberation seeks to bring together leaders and organizers from the many struggles taking place across the country. The most crucial requirement for membership is the dedication to undertake this most important and most necessary of all tasks– building a new revolutionary workers’ party in the heart of world imperialism. At the same time as we aim for revolution in this country, we stand for defense of the existing workers states, the national liberation movements, and for workers and oppressed people around the world. The magnitude of our tasks will be matched by our determination to win. Contact information: sandiego at pslweb dot org

Peace and Dignity Journeys was started in 1992 to continue in the spirit of the traditions of our ancestors. Every four years Indigenous communities all over North, Central and South America witness and partake in the tradition of receiving runners with ceremonies unique to their community, sharing stories, song, dance, and the wisdom that comes from community elders and ceremony. Peace and Dignity Journeys runners start simultaneously from both ends of the continent, traversing the entire continent by foot from community to community and joining together for a final gathering in the center. Contact info: Tommy Ramirez 619-203-3714

Jornadas de Paz y Dignidad se inicio en el año 1992 para continuar con el espíritu de las tradiciones de nuestros ancestral. Cada cuatro años las comunidades indígenas de todo el Norte, Centro y Sur América han sido testigos y han participado en la tradición de recibir a los corredores espirituales con ceremonias únicos de sus comunidades, compartiendo cuentos, cantos, danzas, y la sabiduría que viene de los ancianos de los comunidades y la ceremonia. Los corredores de las Jornadas de Paz y Dignidad comienzan a correr simultáneamente desde ambos extremos del continente, atravesando todo el continente de Abya Yala a pie de comunidad a comunidad uniendo todos los rezos para una reunión ceremonial del Aguila y del Cóndor en el Centro. Contact info: Tommy Ramirez 619-203-3714

San Diego Indymedia is an anarchist collective seeking to collaborate with communities and activists to challenge all forms of illegitimate authority using technology, the internet and all means at our disposal. We are part of a network of Independent Media Centers worldwide, and act in solidarity with our compas across the globe through this network. Contact info: sandiego.indymedia at yahoo dot com Visit: http://sandiego.indymedia.org

San Diego Indymedia es un colectivo anarquista que buscan colaborar con las comunidades y los activistas a desafiar todas las formas de autoridad ilegítima mediante la tecnología, Internet y todos los medios a nuestra disposición. Somos parte de una red de centros independientes de los medios en todo el mundo, y actuar en solidaridad con nuestros compás de todo el mundo a través de esta red. Contact info: sandiego.indymedia at yahoo dot com Visit: http://sandiego.indymedia.org

Union del Barrio is an independent political organization with an all-volunteer membership that is entirely self-financed dedicated to struggle on behalf working people living within the current borders of the United States. Contact info: 619-923-3685 or info_sd at uniondelbarrio dot org


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